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Real Life Experiences from Trucking Business Owners in the Philippines PART 1

Having a business is everyone’s dream come true (well, besides marrying a long-time girlfriend and having a happily ever after). It is a dream that every working employee realizes when working for endless years which seems too tiring because you have no goal in life on what to do next. It is an escape goat for anyone who wants to retire without worrying where to get funds for expenses.

Well, that’s what I think of because my mom already wished to retire after working for almost 30 years but there’s one thing that stops her: bills. She said that having a business would definitely salvage her from stress. Yes, that’s true but having a business is easier said than done. Since she has enough funds for a big business, I told her: “why not try putting up a trucking business?”

To further support my suggestion I searched the net and this good forum came out as a blessing. By the way, here are some of the best experience from the business owners who experienced operating a trucking business in the Philippines.

Trucking business experience #1:

trucking business philippines forum 1


“After 5 years of running a trucking business, I have decided to sell our units. Our driver and his aid has been bringing headaches to us. Before hiring a driver, ask them first if they know how to steal because I’m sure they know how! All of the commodities that they deliver in any kinds are stolen. Aside from stealing commodities, they are also stealing fuel from our units by using hose and a container and then selling it again. There are also times that they say that the truck needs to be fixed and they will be buying spare parts for it, don’t believe them! They will only sell it to other who needs it.

To make sure that you can still catch them if ever they will do something bad, know the addresses of their relatives.

Operating a trucking business is stressful but if you are up to task, then go ahead!”

Trucking business experience #2

trucking business philippines forum 2


“Posted from rev 14: Trucking is our family business before but eventually it died because: 1. Every year maintenance cost increases per truck. 2. Challenges are experienced like competition, fuel price and dealing with a personnel.

In reply to this another user answered:

Oh, that was regretful because:

  1. Yes it’s true but the life of a truck depends to the auto-mechanic and the driver. It is a necessity that your auto-mechanic has tricks in his sleeves to repair minor troubles without buying spare parts.

Rewards were given to our truck drivers every month if there were no damages on the trucks they were assigned to. This policy would ensure that trucks will be taken care of and this will prompt drivers to bring the damages to the auto-mechanic automatically.

  1. Any businesses have competition, let us just figure out how to find ways how we can win the battle.
  • On the economy- Yes, import nowadays are not as rampant as imports on Cory’s administration, as early as July demand rises.
  • On fuel- Yes, it’s not stable. Weekly price goes up and down.
  • On dealing with your personnel- It’s unavoidable.
  1. How to prevent your Diesel being stolen – Is their salary fixed or per trip? There are people who does not have happiness in their lives, but there are ways to solve this problem.”

Are these real life experiences helpful?

To be continued…

Real Life Experiences from Trucking Business Owners in the Philippines PART 2

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